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MGB is a leading company for high performance connectors and precision turned components.

Since more than 10 years MGB has been producing many components and assemblies for the medical market : orthopaedic implants, bone screws, commissurotomies and also connectors for medical equipments and sensors for diagnostic.

MGB is machining all kinds of raw materials used in the medical market and specially Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Photos connectors for medical equipments and sensors for diagnostic

Détails Equipement pour controle du systeme nerveux

Photos Implants, Bone screws and Commissurotomies

Vis, Implant Bone screw, Implant Bone screw, Implant, Micro equipment Micro Appareillage

MGB can also provide you with a special integrated organization for complete component solutions and assembly operations :

MGB SA - 105 Rue du Bargy - MARNAZ - BP 16 - 74314 CLUSES Cedex - Tél. + 33 (0) 450 98 35 70 - Fax. + 33 (0) 450 96 09 60 - EMail :
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Salon Eurosatory 2022

Salon eurosatory MGBMGB will be present at Eurosatory Paris 2022, Hall 6 Booth B634.

Acquisition of Aeromedica by MGB

Acquisition AeromedicaWe are pleased to announce the acquisition of Aeromedica by MGB.

MGB laureat plan France relanceMGB is a laureate of the France Relance plan for its two projects Diversification and DSC 4.0 as part of the plan to support investment and modernization of the aeronautics sector.

Virtual Aerospace Show MGB 2021 IIOT and Dynamic Supply Chain DSC 4.0

Grappe GIFASLa Région AURA dans le cadre du dispositif Ambition Région Innovation. Website

Grappe Space industrie

Salon du Bourget 2019Démarrage de la grappe Space industrie 4.00

MGB is a member company of Mont Blanc pole Industry pôle Mont-blanc Industrie

Mont-Blanc Aeronautic

Mont-Blanc AeronauticMGB is a member of the AIR Mont-Blanc partners for the aircraft industry Website :

Aerospace cluster
MGB is a member of cluster Aero Rhone Alpes Auvergne.

Website :

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