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Grappe SafranDiplome Grappe Space

MGB a particip dans les locaux de la socit Safran la runion de clture de la Grappe Space SAFRAN IdF Performances industrielles 2.
Ce programme nous a permis de gagner 10 points de maturit par rapport au diagnostic intial du programme.

Dbut Dcembre 2019, nous dmarrons le nouveau programme Space industrie 4.0

Salon du Bourget 2019 - We will be at The Bourget Trade fair in Paris from 17rd to 23th June 2019, HALL 2B, Booth D108 :
- Article published in the magazine EcoMeca - may 2019
- Magazine Auvergne-Thone-Alpes AEROSPACE 2018
- Article published on Tornos - Deco magazine - january 2017
- Rsultats Challenge Mobilit 2016 - Site du Challenge : "Challenge Mobilit"
- Article site du Messager : "Marnaz-Sallanches : quand l'industrie du dcolletage prend le virage technologique de l'impression 3D"
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- Day with the cluster members SPACE THALES in Valence.
- Article published on Dauphin Libr, may 2014
- Article published on Echo des Savoies "Le gouvernoement vient vanter le modle haut-savoyard", may 2014
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- -College students to explore the MGB, articles Dauphin Libr and the Messenger, in February 2014
Tmoignage ralis par la CCI Haute-Savoie : MGB Dcolletage ose le grand export avec succs !
MGB is a member of the AIR Mont-Blanc partners for the aircraft industry. Website :

MGBMGB is a member of cluster Aero Rhone Alpes.

MGB - MGB Press article published on the Dauphine Libere 02 October 2011.

MGBArticle published in the journal "Le Dcolletage", October 2011.

Salon AerolianceMGB will attend on October 13th and 14th 2010 to the international business aeronautics meeting in Clermont-Ferrand Website
Article de presse MGB Device MedNewspaper article devoted to MGB on Device Med March / April 2010. See article

Mgb et la semaine cole entreprise ClusesMGB participates weekly business school receiving a grade of Lyce Charles Poncet Cluses to educate young people in the business.

newspaper article on Dauphin Libr

MGB on TV8 Mont-Blanc
TV8 Mont-Blanc

MGB on TV8 Mont Blanc


Replacing cam-type lathes with an NC lathe? Even though this challenge has been attempted many times by numerous manufacturers, Tornos announces its intention to pick up this gauntlet at the Simodec trade fair. To do this, the manufacturer has chosen to stage a contest between the Micro 7 and the MS-7, the benchmark unit!

Tornos teamed up with MGB, one of the great European bar-turning specialists. The latter brings all its experience and expertise in the operation of cam-type machines to bear on this comparative exercise, to the point where an MGBenhanced MS-7 machine features on the Tornos stand, in direct confrontation with the Micro 7.


During 2007, MGB, a company based in the Haute Savoie region of France, opened its doors to receive its 100th machine from Tornos. This machine celebrates the truly exemplary collaboration between Mr. Jean-Paul Burnier (recently retired from MGB) and Alain Tappaz (recently retired from Tornos).

Dco Magazine avec MGB At our meeting in 1997 when they purchased their very first DECO for the RF market, the directors of MGB told us the reasons for their choice. The DECO machines were bought with a particular goal in mind, to do more than cam-type machines and to provide the option of finishing parts completely while remaining very flexible.

Journe Conception Collaborative : Donneur d'Ordres/Fournisseurs : Repousser les frontires de l'innovation.
A l'occassion de la rencontre annuelle du Club des DIS ( Dirigeants Innovation et Stratgie) qui aura lieu le 23 Janvier 2008 Veyrier du lac (74).
La socit MGB intervient sur la table ronde "De la ractivit la pro activit : comment passer du statut de sous-traitant celui de fournisseur partenaire. Quelles comptences nouvelles dvelopper.
En effet, MGB a travaill avec Thsame dans le cadre du projet APPIC, sur la mise en place d'un programme de co-conception autour des connecteurs complets.

Deco Magazine

Deco Magazine March 2005

On delivery of the 50th DECO machine to MGB in Marnaz, France, DECO Magazine was interested to find out a little more about this company. A meeting was therefore arranged with Mr Jean-Paul Burnier, Chairman and Managing Director. One fine winters day, our journalist, together with Mr. Alain Tappaz, director of TORNOS France, went to discover the secret of MGB. ... More

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Grappe Space industrie

Salon du Bourget 2019Démarrage de la grappe Space industrie 4.00

MGB is a member company of Mont Blanc pole Industry pôle Mont-blanc Industrie

Mont-Blanc Aeronautic

Mont-Blanc AeronauticMGB is a member of the AIR Mont-Blanc partners for the aircraft industry Website :

Aerospace cluster
MGB is a member of cluster Aero Rhone Alpes Auvergne.

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